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Heat Treatment Furnaces [Batch Type And Continuous Type]

Temperature from ambient to 1300ºC as per required ramping and soaking with automatic temperature controller [PID]. These furnaces are utilized for alloy steel casting, for the process of, Annealing, tempering, normalizing, capacity as per required by the client.
NOTE:- Burners provided to the furnace are dual type which are oil fired and gas fired
Heat treatment furnaces
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Recuperator for the furnace where the supply of combustion air is  given up to 200º C
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Non-Ferrous Heat Treatment Furnaces

  These furnaces are solution treatment furnaces for
non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium copper for the temperature of 600º C. These furnaces are technically designed for uniformity with a circulation fan inside the heating chamber.

Capacity as per client requirement.
Non-ferrous heat treatment furnaces
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Drop Bottom Quenching Aluminium Furnaces
Drop bottom quenching aluminium furnaces
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  Ovens for powder coating, core baking, mould heating, exothermic sleeve baking Batch type and conveyor type.   
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Electrical Furnaces
Electrical furnace with capacity of 500 Kg to 2000 kg and Electrical muffle for lab up to temp 1200 º C.
Electrical furnaces
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Ladle pre-heaters
  a] Small model 25 kg-50 kg.
b] Universal model 100 kg – 2000 kg.
c] Big model 2000 kg – 10000 kg.
Ladle pre-heaters
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Aluminum Melting Furnaces
  Direct and indirect with crucible fuel for same is furnace oil diesel, gas LPG.
Aluminum melting furnaces
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High/Low Velocity Burners
  These burners are smokeless, energy efficient, dual type.
High/low velocity burners
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Hot air generators up to 150ºC
Hot air generators
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Continuous Scrap Preheaters
Electrical Heated Scrap Bale Blocks Heating Continuous Furnace. The Heating Will Be Controlled Automatically With Temperature Controllers With SS Circulation Fan On Top For Uniformity Operating Temperature Will Be 800ºc. The Loading And Unloading In The Furnace Will Be With Pneumatic Cylinders Pusher Type.   

Continuous Scrap Preheaters
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Bell Type Furnace
  Construction of Furnace is Round with Tangential Burners on the Shell with Casting Capacity of 3-10 Tons provide with Two -Three Hearths for Heat Treatment. Furnace can be provided with Oil or Gas Fired as Heating Source with Fully Automatic Controls for Burner and Temperature with PLC Controller and Paperless Chart Recorder {LCD Display}
Bell Type Furnace
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Resin Sand Coating Plants
Resin sand coating plants
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Sand Washing Plants
Sand washing plants
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Product specialty
Recuperator: -
Recycling of hot gases specially designed for heat treatment furnace and aluminium melting furnaces. The recuperator saves the fuel by 10% the temperature form the recuperated air is up to 180ºC.
Control panels :-

Panels are designed as per costumers
Requirement of automation.

Our Services

1] Technical support.
2] Thermal survey of furnaces.
3] Conversion of electrical to oil fired or oil to gas fired.
4] Spares for burners